10 Most Popular Mobile Apps in Saudi Arabia 

Mobile Applications December 16, 2022

Saudi Arabia is one of the popular countries that have almost 32.3 million population rate, where the majority use mobile phones as part of their lives.  The intrusion of mobile phones and applications changed the lifestyle and rather it became an effective tool for twisting an easy life. Here are the 10 pretty interesting mobile applications that you can’t survive without in this kingdom.  Here we go!


Nafath is one of the popular mobile applications in Saudi Arabia, that provides dominant access to numerous service providers by user identity verification. You can permit access requests and approve login attempts, and also use the user’s biometrics to verify their profile. Match biometric data with the national central database stored in the national information center. 

2. Absher

Absher mobile apps Saudi Arabia

Absher is a popular smartphone application that permits governmental services and several other amenities like passport updates, hajj permits, electronic crime reports, and job opportunities for the people of Saudi Arabia. Millions of Saudi citizens and residents use this application that offers 279 services to them. The Saudi Interior Ministry makes use of this app, which you can download from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. 

3. TikTok

TikTok is one of the famous entertainment applications where users make creative content to attract their audience. Most people in Saudi Arabia use this application to become a part of this trend and join the social network challenges. This application has created global public attention, especially among the citizens of Saudi Arabia. 


SHEIN is a fast-fashion store that sells reasonably priced apparel in different countries and it is one of the world’s largest online fashion retailers. This application is also available in Saudi Arabia, where millions of Saudi citizens are used to making online purchases with fast delivery services, free shipping, discounts, and offers facilities. Have the best quality shopping experience with the SHEIN Arabic website with daily updates on the latest fashion trends in the market. 

5. Tawakalna service

Get a unique experience with Tawakalna that offers you exciting services such as religious, health, education, public services, etc. The app with 140 services holds all the information about the various aspects of the life of Saudi citizens, gulf individuals, residents, and visitors. Tawalkana is one of the useful mobile applications in Saudi Arabia that helps to access essential services and electronic permits for employees. 

6. FIFA mobile: FIFA world cup

FIFA Mobile is a trending mobile application that millions of Saudi citizens and residents prepare themselves to team up for World’s best soccer tournament. Match up with any qualified 32 nations and sign your soccer for FIFA WORLD CUP 2022. FIFA mobile is the first mobile game application where you can play with the official tournament brackets of FIFA world cup 2022. 

 7. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the popular worldwide applications and more than 2 billion people are engaged with it. In Arab countries, the app has gained huge public attention, used to share the latest news updates, pictures, and videos with your families, friends, and relatives or for business purposes. This widely used social media application became an educational support tool across different areas of the middle east and Saudi Arabia

8. Instagram

Over the past few years, Instagram became a trending social media platform worldwide and KSA has the largest number of active Instagram users in the region. As per various reports in Saudi Arabia, men are more engaged with this application than women. Saudis are more likely to access various features of Instagram to engage themselves in trending topics. Most Instagram users in KSA prefer to use Arabic captions than English to make a unique profile.

9. Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the fastest ways of sharing information with your friends and it allows you to view stories worldwide. This app lets the users create new friends and groups by ensuring your security. Add some fun with cute sticker snaps and make your life more colorful with Snapchat. This mobile application became a broad entertainment and informative platform among millions of Saudi citizens and residents. 

10. Hunger Station

Hunger Station is a popular and widely used food delivery app in Saudi Arabia running successfully over years. Fast delivery and satisfied services make Hunger Station unique and the best. Millions of people in Saudi Arabia love this application due to its Timely scheduling, Pre-order facilities, order tracking, multiple options, online payment option, cancel and reorder services, etc. download the application from the play store and pick your favorite food from the menu card list of the restaurant. We also covered the 5 most popular food delivery apps in Saudi Arabia in our previous article.

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So, we have covered the 10 best and most popular applications in Saudi Arabia. comment on your favorite application from the list and we love to hear your feedback.