Top 5 food delivery APPS in Saudi Arabia

e-commerce November 30, 2022

Enjoy Saudi Arabia’s traditional and contemporary foods and beat the heat with your favorite application! Mobile applications have been widely accepted in Saudi Arabia when compared to other countries. About 72.8 percent of people in Saudi Arabia depend upon smartphones for all their purposes. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 food delivery apps in Saudi Arabia. Let’s have a close look at it!

Saudi Arabia’s food delivery apps

Food delivery apps raised millions of dollars due to their huge immersion in the hearts of people in Saudi Arabia. These apps raised 11.3 percent of user penetration and changed the lifestyle of Arabians. In this 2022 generation, most Arabs are better rich with ordering food.  All restaurants use these food ordering and delivery applications to offer the best variety of food items. These apps help to get rid of overcoming difficult situations and Saudi Arabia has the best out of them. It has wider customer attention by offering straightforward user interactions. Arabian food lovers always prefer to order foods that can afford to be delivered to doorsteps. 

Here we are going to discuss the highest-rated food delivery apps in Saudi Arabia!

  • UberEats
  • FoodBoy
  • Hunger station


MRSOOL is one of Saudi Arabia’s fastest-growing delivery apps. The app is always focused on providing items on demand. The company has earned better sales in Saudi Arabia during the last years of about 5 million dollars. Customers are likely to buy items from listed restaurants or shops or by order customization. MRSOOL is the first and best app in Saudi Arabia which covers almost every place in the kingdom. There is no matter what you order, the app always provides better by placing close to you. Arabians are so convenient to create an order with this app due to its advanced features. 

  • Anything at anywhere
  • Deliver items on demand
  • Easier order process
  • Just a click for reviewing orders
  • Covers all stores or restaurants in KSA
  • Stunning offers and promotions
  • Supporting customer services
  • Timely and convenient delivering

Rating: 4.5 in the Google play store


Talabat is the number one food delivery app in Saudi Arabia and it always focuses on maintaining its own uniqueness in delivery. It is one of the quickest food delivery apps which makes it the perfect spot for food hunters. The app offers a wide variety of food items like pizza, burgers, groceries, etc. from almost all restaurants and stores in Saudi Arabia. You will get all the benefits with just one click like unlimited offers, fast delivery process, easy payment process, etc. Most Arabs simply download the application to order their favorite foods and the app can cover almost every place.

  • Track your order deliberately
  • The transaction can be done through cash or online
  • Exclusive offers
  • Fast delivery process
  • Unlimited options
  • Covers every restaurant or store in KSA, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, and UAE. 

Ratings: 4.5/5


If you are searching for great food from your preferred restaurant, UberEats is the best food delivery platform in Saudi Arabia. You can order foods from your desired restaurants with easy processing. You are able to order from the whole menu which keeps your soul happy. Uber always focuses on delivering the best foods and groceries with exclusive offers. The app is committed to ensuring the safety of orders. Just browse your favorite restaurants and stores with UberEats and here is everything the app offers!

  • Offer great services to stores and restaurants
  • Offers more rewards to store
  • On-demand food delivery
  • Have Advanced technologies to meet the needs of businesses

Ratings: 4.1/5


FoodBoy is a popular delivery app that’s running successfully in Saudi Arabia. The app offers quick and easy delivery of food which is the number one choice of restaurants. Timely scheduling of all orders makes many customers stick to the application. You can easily search for your favorite stores with the application. The app shows all the special items as menu cards of the restaurants so that you can pick up your favorite ones.

  • Promotes “Pre-order” option for order time customization
  • Fast services
  • Offering order tracking
  • Given multiple options for the delivery time, cooking, rating, and reviews
  • Offers payment options like cash on delivery, credit card, wallet and MADA
  • Options for canceling and reordering

Ratings: 4.2/5

5.Hunger Station

Hunger Station is Saudi Arabia’s number one food delivery app and it is one of the world’s leading local delivery platforms. They are always maintained fast, easy, and to your doorstep. The platform connects numerous restaurants with their customers across different regions in Saudi Arabia. Users are addicted to this platform due to its fine and special food deals. The platform covers 20000+ restaurants with 72+ cities across Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. It is a quite convenient and flexible way of delivering food.

  • Provide standard services to customers
  • Give guarantee for online food ordering service.
  • One of the Fast market sales in KSA
  • Most trusted food delivery app in KSA
  • Provide a better customer experience

Ratings: 3.5/5 in the play store

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Here we are explaining the most trusted food delivery apps in Saudi Arabia! Hope you guys deliberately know the best one out of it. Food delivery apps get huge customer attention in KSA due to their standard services. Which one is your favorite platform in KSA? Comment down below!