Top 10 e-commerce stores and Market places in Saudi Arabia

e-commerce November 30, 2022

Are you looking for the best E-commerce store in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia has exciting and striking E-commerce stores in which it occupies worldwide accessibility! E-commerce Market places in Saudi Arabia are extremely different and unique and you will get the best convenience there. Through this report, we will explain the Saudi Arabian E-commerce stores/marketplaces and details about the top best E-commerce marketplace in Saudi Arabia. We will give you an introduction about Saudi Arabia, E-commerce business in Saudi Arabia, and the best E-commerce stores. 

An Introduction to Saudi Arabia

Among the Arabian isthmus, Saudi Arabia is the largest country where it occupies a vast area. It is one of the geographically diverse countries with deserts, grasslands, forests, etc. Saudi Arabia is considered to be the original homeland of Arabs, the center of Islam history, and where the origin of the Arabian language. This Arab country got enough reputation internally due to its uniqueness and fair system. It shares the border with Iraq, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Oman, and Kuwait. Saudi Arabia got its identity by marketing oil and Arabian coffee. It is the perfect spot for making travel diaries where Kaaba is located at the al-Haram Mosque, country of Mecca and Medina and includes many other explorations.

E-commerce Business in Saudi Arabia

Online shopping and E-commerce marketing fetches great vicissitudes internationally. Saudi Arabia is one of the leading countries in E-commerce marketing. As an Arab country, online marketing gets wide preferences because most Arabs depend upon online shopping for the festive season or casuals. Expansion of future marketing in Saudi Arabia brings higher opportunities through an online business foundation. As per 2022 reports, there is a 30% growth in e-commerce business in Saudi Arabia. Most of the e-stores in SA have increased revenue. Marketers are expecting over 5% development in the coming years.

Best E-commerce stores in Saudi Arabia

Most of the Arabian online stores always stand unique and are termed as the biggest players globally. These stores generate profitable revenue and gain more reputation among Arabs. Now let’s detail the best E-commerce stores in SA which is categorized as per their store ranking. 

1. Noon Saudi to raise $2bn from backers including Saudi's PIF

Noon Saudi develops a new era of Arabian online market stores where the consumers experience different shopping experiences. It focuses on consumer enrichment and offers a customer-oriented online market platform. The platform aids Saudi entrepreneurs in building up a fast-growing online system. Talented Saudis showcase their astounding products to create a positive response among patrons. Noon Saudi ensures the marketing of an authentic collection of products and they hold a dedicated support team for product honor. It mainly sells beauty, electronics, fashion, home, and baby products in Saudi Arabia. 

  • Launched in 2017
  • Fashion, beauty, electronics, home, and baby products have a higher priority
  • Expecting Increased sales of 300 or more in upcoming years, as per the report of 2021, the store gained 251.7 net sales. 
  • The platform ranked #3 positions in 2021.


2. Jarir

Jarir is one of the top-ranked Saudi Arabian store for exploring online shopping. It boosts up sales through digital marketing among people in Saudi Arabia and nationally. It is the most trusted online business store in Saudi Arabia where they achieve a huge amount of E-commerce net sales. As per the record of 2021, the company earns maximum net sales of about 113.8 per year and expects more in the coming years. The store maintains transparency, lenience, and an affordable fee structure to gain profitable success. The company mainly focuses on selling stationery, school supplies, art, crafts, office supplies, toys, books, electronics, accessories, video games, smartphones, computers, etc. makes online shopping a smooth and simple experience and develops a vast range of clients into the store. Besides quality items, the company ensures qualitative services at an accurate price. It develops shopping involvement for patrons and makes satisfied fair dealing. 

  • Established in 1979 by the AIAGIL brothers
  • Jarir bookstore is not just a bookstore” is a famous quote of Jarir and is considered to be its mission.
  • Availability of support team for Jarir applications and E-readers 


3. Amazon

Images and videos |, Inc. - Press Room

Amazon is one the best and most trusted online business platforms. It occupies most trusted customers by promoting fair deals. It sells a huge variety of products which can be categorized as fashion, electronics, kitchen equipment, toys, and many more items. Amazon is a successful company around the world where it always maintains trustworthy customers. Millions of items were sold where customers enjoyed low prices and special discounts. The astonishing feat of ferrying hundreds of millions of items is nothing short of a modern logistical miracle. 

  • Introduced in 2002 by Jeff Bezos
  • Fast delivery of items
  • Has a good ranking of 4 stars out of 5

Website: Amazon

4. Extra

Extra is a vast Saudi Arabian leading e-commerce platform that makes the online shopping experience unique. Most people are embracing this platform due to its distinctive features and services. Extra seamlessly connects digital marketing into the world. It is succeeding in improving the online shopping experience and driving more patrons into the store. The sales of the company increased during the past years. The perfect user interface makes online shopping much more interesting. The company spreads over Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman with 42 stores. It is one of the best electrical goods retailers providing products such as home appliances, mobile communications, gaming, televisions, and computing. The company offers quick, safe, and free shipping to drive E-commerce dramatically. The store has taken up rapid growth and turned into the best online market platform globally. 

  • Established in 2002
  • In 2011, Extra was recognized as the first retailer to launch an e-commerce site in Saudi Arabia. 
  • Focus on web analytics
  • Perfect user interface
  • click and collect offer
  • One among the top 100 brands in Saudi Arabia

Website: Extra

5. Dr Nutrition

Dr. Nutrition is one of the number one online supplements and nutrition stores in Saudi Arabia. It offers the hottest products and the best online shopping experience. The company offers innovative weight loss solutions with 200+ branches. Qualified nutritionists and exceptional products enhance patron’s satisfaction and help them to maintain an ideal weight. Thousands of customers enjoy the qualities of exceptional natural products. It allows the user to make transactions at the lowest price with the fastest shipping. 7000+ different products with 40 international brands of natural products are sold across the world through digital marketing. The company mainly focuses on the food and personal care category. 

  • Introduced in 2001 
  • Product ranges include natural cosmetics, skincare, hair care, Body care, organic foods, weight loss products, vitamins, minerals, diet foods, homeopathy, slimming devices, herb, Gluten free foods, aroma oils, men’s supplements, women’s supplements, children supplements, Amino acids, and many other natural products. 
  • Faster and reliable services


6. Abyat

Abyat is one of the most successful first retail businesses in the Middle east. Abyat is developing its business strategy as per the customer’s priorities and expectations. The company focuses on providing exclusive products used for building the perfect house. Abyat offers the best quality building materials and services. You can find everything you need at competitive prices. Enrich your online shopping experience with Abyat by fast delivery, free shipping, Easy payment procedure, and product return. 

  • Established in 2005
  • One of the leading GCC companies specializing in furnishing materials.
  • Marketing building materials, house furniture, electricals, and plumbing equipment such as everything needed for your family.  
  • Offering free delivery on all purchases.

Website: Abyat

7. Xcite

Xcite is a popular online shopping platform for making the best deals on electronics. Xcite received enough trust from patrons and gained much popularity. It is one of the largest and most popular electronic online shopping websites in Saudi Arabia. They offer the best electronic equipment with excitement and a fun online shopping experience to customers. Patrons find it easy to make fair dealings with electronic equipment and provide a world-class ambiance for online shopping. The company is ready to put its innovations at your fingertips with the Xcite marketplace. Xcite strives for the free and fast delivery of products by offering the latest collections. 

  • Established in 2002 
  • Fulfill customers’ needs with innovative features.
  • Providing big choices of electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, and other accessories.
  • Leading multi brand retail store for electronics in Saudi Arabia
  • Operating in 40 countries.


8. Mother care

Mother care is the best online retail store that drives e-commerce sales by selling baby care and mother care products. They get enough popularity among customers by offering over 5000 products by ensuring high quality. The company offers fast delivery services and great dealings in Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries. It has been popular, providing the best quality products for both children and mothers at reasonable prices. 

  • Offers baby clothes, car seats, hygiene supplies, mother’s feeding and feeding supplies, toys, toddler clothes, bathing supplies, etc.
  • Founded in 1961 by Selim Zilkha and Sir James Goldsmith
  • Discover amazing discounts and the free shipping option
  • Passionate about maintaining a better customer experience by creating a beautiful life story for both parents and children.
  • Provides customer experience by providing satisfactory supplies. 


9. Namshi

Namshi is one of the most successful retailers of all time. It is an excellent online shopping platform in Saudi Arabia where it offers collections of dresses, shoes, clothes, bags, etc. They are one of the leading fashion online stores in the middle east with more than 700 brands and 1.2 million customers. They have a dedicated following and an overall positive reputation. The company mainly focuses on generating customers by offering the latest trends of men, women, and kids’ attires. 

  • Marketing leading trends of women, men, and kids clothes, fabulous footwear, accessories, beauty trends, premium activewear, and all other fashion beauty brands.
  • Provides exceptional customer experience
  • Take advantage of no shipping fees.
  • Claiming as the first E-commerce player in Qatar, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and UAE

Website: Namshi

10. Jazp

Best Online Shopping Site in Dubai | Buy Mobiles, Electronics in UAE is one of the popular online shopping terminuses in Saudi Arabia. The company diversifies its sales by selling various products such as home appliances, sports items, electronics, perfumes, and many more. Jazp always focuses on providing unique and affordable products. Exciting deals are available at Jazp with discounts and free shipping offers. It’s a leading company that spreads in UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The store offers 100% genuine items which make customers inspired. 

  • Founded by Jamsheer Thanalot in 2018
  • Deliver the latest trends of products such as sports, electronics, mobiles, house collection, etc. 
  • Reliable online shopping platform which promotes effective customer experiences.


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Final words

E-commerce is a leading industry where many peoples are looking eagerly. Online shopping and digital marketing became an essential aspect of our day-to-day life. Saudi Arabia’s e-commerce sector has become one of the leading and most popular markets across the world. We hope you understand the top 10 E-commerce platforms which run successfully in Saudi Arabia.